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PMU training, ombre and powder brows training
PMU training, ombre and powder brows training

As the permanent cosmetics industry grows, now is the time to change your life by having the freedom of working at your own hours and managing your own time.  Are you a creative person with a passion for making others look and feel good about themselves? Or do you already have a beauty business but want to grow by offering more beauty services to your clients? Or are you one of the many people who now work for someone from 9 to 5 and are exhausted or hate your job?  If you are currently experiencing one of these issues and are willing to make a change. Congrats! You have taken the first step toward changing your life!

Permanent makeup has existed for decades, but as new techniques develop, it is now a growing career in the United States.  When you become certified with Beyoutify Artisty, you will gain a new set of mental and physical skills that will separate you from other artists. Why? I feel that being passionate about what you do can help you develop a character that is far greater than who you are today.  It's not just about completing the service and being done for the day; it's about continuing to learn, practice, and grow to be better than you were yesterday. Having a determined mind and working diligently will set you apart from others.  Others may see your disciplined mindset by your hard work, dedication, and, most importantly, the passion within you!

It is important to me that you feel good and confident after completing my training.  I went through training classes with trials and errors to perfect my craft, and I still seek to further my education so that I can come back to educate, offer value, and update my students. I'll only tell you what I’ve learned works best for you.  Any new or undisclosed approach will be taught in my lesson because I want you to succeed.  That is why I offer after-class shadowing and ongoing help until you are confident on your own!

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