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To book for a service, please text or call to 714-299-0509

Full lips- Starting at $450

Semi Permanent makeup for lips to enhance your pale lips to a rosy, soft pink lips color once healed.  Please send a picture of bare lips to book. Lips tattooing price varies on lips depending on the level of darkness.

No dark lips: $450

Minor dark lips: $500 (1 session)

Medium dark lips: $600 (2-3 sessions)

Severe dark lips: $700 (3-4 sessions)

Touch Up ( please call to book )
  • 2 - 6 months: $100

  • 7 - 12 months: $150

  • 13 - 23 months: half of current price

  • 24 months or more: After 2 years it will be considered a new service due to pigment has significantly fade. Therefore, the investment will be at current price.

Brows color correction starting at $75 and up. ( please call to book )

If you previously had your brows tattooed and turned either red, blue, green, purple.  I can color correct them.

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