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Powder Brows

Just like Ombre brows, "dark to light" however, the gradient from dark to light is "horizontally".  This special technique does not require doing the frame first like ombre brows. It is perfect for those who like a softer look and natural looking.  It is not defined and bold as ombre. This technique is also used by machine.

Ombre Brows

Instead of creating hair-like strokes, this shading/blending technique creates powdery, misty effect from the beginning of the brow to the end. Fading from light to dark. The results will give you a defined, bold, but yet soft/natural look just like how you would wear makeup.

Brows Correction

If you have previous brows tattoo and wants a new shape, it is achievable if your old tattoo is at least 50% lighter and thinner.  Case varies per client, it is best to send a picture of your bare brows for me to see before going in your appointment.  Please be mindful and have realistic expectations since your old tattoo is done by another artist and can't expect to have brows to look like a person who never had their brows tattooed before. Cover up brows price will be considered as a new procedure and not "touch up" if done by another artist.

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