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BROWS - Before your treatment

  • Do not drink coffee, alcohol or energizing drinks 48 hours before treatment.

  • Do not take Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E or Ibuprofen 24 hours before treatment.

  • Do not take omega3 (fish oil) 1 week before treatment.

  • Do not tan or have intense sun exposure 3 days before treatment.

  • No waxing 2-3 days before treatment.

  • No chemical peels, dermabrasion, laser or any other intense treatments 2 weeks before treatment.

  • Wear normal makeup to your enhancement appointment.

  • Bring your own headset to listen to music during procedure.

BROWS - After your procedure

  • Quick Shower / Washing face is fine, please try to avoid rubbing the procedure area.

  • Do not touch the healing pigmented area with your fingers, they may have bacteria on them and create an nfection.

  • Clean your brows daily with a damped cotton, then Apply a thin layer of A&D ointment 2 times (morning & night) DAILY until the scab area   completely peeled. First application should be 24hrs after procedure.  Always use a clean cotton swab and not your fingertips.

  • No make-up, tinting on brows, lotion or other facial products on treated area.  No sun, soap, sauna, Jacuzzi, swimming in chlorine pools or in the recreational bodies of water, contact with animals, or gardening for 7-10 days (until area is completely healed) post procedure and after all touch-ups.

  • Absolutely DO NOT use any antibiotic creams, vaseline over the brow area - it will draw out the pigment and caused infection.

  • Do not RUB or PICK on the SCABS while it is healing (pigment may be removed along with crusting tissue and cause scarring to the area if peeled prematurely).

  • Do not use products that contain AHA’s on the procedure area. (Example: Glycolic, Lactic Acids. Always check your product labeling) it will fade your pigment color.

  • Try NOT to sleep on your sides or rub your brows area with a blanket or pillow that can caused premature peeling.

  • If you experience any itching, swelling, blistering or any other complications post-procedure, stop using product and call your Artist immediately. You may be allergic to the after care product you are using!

  • If you have excessive redness, swelling or tenderness or any red streaks going from the procedure site toward the heart, elevated temperature, or purulent drainage from the procedure area, contact your physician as the area may be infected and you may need to seek medical care.

  • If you have any questions or concerns please notify your Artist immediately.


*Failure to follow these instructions may result in pigment color loss!*

*All permanent make-up procedures are a two-step process.

after care for brows tattooing. healing stages infographics

LIPS - Before your treatment

  • Exfoliate your lips a day before you come in for your procedure, lips cannot be dry, or cracked, if it is, it will be very hard for the artist to do the procedure on your lips.  Exfoliate by using sugar mixed with honey, ratio of 2:1 ( more sugar than honey ) and use a toothbrush to scrub all the dead and dry skin off and rinse.  After that, moisturized your lips with chapstick or vaseline.

  • If you are prone to herpes or cold sores, it is recommend to take anti viral medication a few days before procedure and continue to take after the procedure.  This is to prevent cold sores from arising on your lips.

LIPS - After your procedure

  • DO NOT eat Hot or spicy food, such as soups or anything that can enhance the sensitivies to your new tattooed lips.

  • Wash the treated lips gently with saline water and apply A&D ointment every 3 hours during daytime.

  • Do the same right after eating and rinse your mouth with non-alcohol mouth-wash.

  • Blot the area dry. Do not rub.

  • Using Q-tips to apply A&D ointment, do not double-dip.

  • Use ice-pad for no more than 15 minutes at a time the first few nights to reduce swelling.

  • Do not pick at the treated lip at any time during healing, and allow the scab or dry skin to come off on its own.

  • Do not let the treated lip dry out completely, since this can cause scabbing and cracking of skin surface.

  • After initial healing (7-10 days, completely peeled) use lip gloss with sun block over the treated lip to preserve  color.

  • Continued use of at least SPF 30 sunblock with UVA and UVB protection will help to prevent fading.


 Be careful to avoid infection of the treated lip for 15 days after the procedure:


  • Always wash your hands before touching the treated lip

  • Do not share your aftercare product (A&D ointment) with anyone

  • No facials or masks for 15 days, and avoid them in the permanent makeup area indefinitely.

  • No swimming pools, Jacuzzis or other bodies of water for 15 days.

  • Do not soak your face underwater in a bathtub or allow the hot shower to spray directly in your face for 15 days.

  • Expect the color to eventually lighten by up to 40% once the healing process is complete.

  • Permanent Lip Color is in the skin rather than on top of it like lipstick, so it will have a matte finish unless you apply lip gloss  or lipstick on top of the permanent makeup.

  • Color may appear sketchy at different stages of healing. Be patient. This is a process that does not yield immediate results.

  • Permanent makeup pigment is not the same as body art ink, and by design it does not last as long as body art ink.

  • Permanent Makeup does fade and is expected to last 2 to 5 years before requiring a touch-up.

  • If you develop excessive redness, itchiness, or white pimple-like spots in the treated area, you may be having a reaction to the A&D ointment. If this occurs, wash the area, and stop using A&D ointment or any other product on the area. Allow the reaction to settle down, which it should do in 24-72 hours.

  • The permanent makeup lips cannot be treated again within 30 days or scarring can result. If you see changes that you  would like to make to shape or color, they will need to wait until after this 30-day period. 

Products to Not Use on the treated lip:


  • No Neosporin, Vaseline or other petroleum products while the treated lip is healing.

  • No anti-acne products (e.g. Benzoyl Peroxide, Pro-active) or lightening creams (bleach creams)  hydroquinone around any treated lip, since they will cause rapid fading.

    No anti-aging products or facial products containing Alpha Hydroxyls (AHAs), Retin-A, Lactic or Glycolic Acids. These will fade permanent makeup, since creams do not have assigned seating and travel in the skin.


Aftercare stages of lips tattooing, what phases you will expect to go through.
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